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An overview of each of Serum's product offerings and how they fit into the bigger picture.


Serum boasts a suite of four core product offerings, each purposefully designed to propel our mission forward. The following provides an insight into the aspirations of these products, how they play a pivotal role in advancing our mission, and their integral purpose within our dynamic ecosystem. The four products are:
  • Serum Energy Drink
  • Mutatoads NFT Collection
  • Non-Fungible Database (NFDb)
  • SER ERC-20 Utility Token

Serum Energy Drink

Serum Energy Drink is a story rich, health focused energy drink designed to energize the real world while seamlessly integrating with multiple digital experiences through a unique QR code activation.

Contribution to the Mission

Enjoy Serum in the physical world, and with a simple QR code scan, acquire its digital counterpart. This digital rendition serves many purposes, from becoming an in-game asset in games, to boosting your Mutatoad's loyalty points, or even trading it for valuable SER tokens.

Ecosystem Purpose

Serum Energy Drink serves as our primary conduit for reaching and empowering the masses in their journey toward web3 adoption. As a tangible and consumable product, it provides us with a unique opportunity to transition web2 customers into active web3 community members.
Web2 is the internet as we know it, where big companies control the platforms and user data, while Web3, built on blockchain technology, aims to give users ownership and control over their own data.


The Mutatoads are unique digital collectibles that come to life through animated content and phygital (physical x digital) toys and wearables.

Contribution to the Mission

The Mutatoads seamlessly blend physical and digital identities. Acquire the digital collectible or its physical toy/plushie. Watch your Mutatoad spring to life with animated content. Harmoniously combine real-world and digital fashion through phygital merchandise. Consume Serum in real life or digitally as your Mutatoad to boost loyalty points. How's that for cross-product synergy?
Picture this: You enter a store, purchase Serum Energy Drink and merchandise, scan a code, and instantly acquire digital versions. Within moments, your Mutatoad digitally consumes Serum and rocks identical merchandise.

Ecosystem Purpose

The Mutatoads are integral to Serum's brand recognition, storytelling, and marketing efforts. Animated marketing content allows us to be unique while emphasizing our mission and appealing to a much larger, non-crypto audience. It is the foundation of building strong IP and brand recognition.
More importantly, the Mutatoads foster a robust and united community while providing holders with the chance to create their own content and shape their digital identities. This creates a sense of belonging and loyalty within the community. It also serves as a membership pass to the Serum ecosystem.

Non-Fungible Database (NFDb)

The IMDB of web3 that brings NFTs to life, curates and verifies NFT IP usage, and eases the process of licensing NFTs.

Contribution to the Mission

Blur the lines between your real-life and digital identities and bring your NFTs to life. The NFDb empowers you to shape and enrich your digital identity narrative, while also facilitating the curation of real-world IP usage for your NFTs. It breathes life into digital collectibles by weaving captivating narratives around them.

Ecosystem Purpose

Our mission places a strong emphasis on digital identities, recognizing that in the web3 era, many individuals primarily exist online through their digital personas, often embodied as NFTs. The NFDb serves as a magnet, drawing these individuals who resonate with our mission and then seamlessly introducing them to the full spectrum of offerings within the Serum ecosystem. It also expands on the SER Token utility.

SER ERC-20 Utility Token

Serum Token ($SER) is an ERC-20 utility token that unlocks and fuels the Serum ecosystem.

Contribution to the Mission

The SER ERC-20 Utility Token serves as the cornerstone of our dynamic ecosystem, ensuring the seamless operation of our mission-critical functions. By owning and using SER Tokens, our community members are not only participants but also stewards of this transformative web3 environment.

Ecosystem Purpose

The SER Token empowers individuals to engage with our ecosystem in multiple meaningful ways. Beyond its utility, it fosters community participation and engagement. Holders of SER Tokens are at the core of our vision, as they are vested in both the success of the ecosystem and the evolution of web3 technology.
Furthermore, the SER Token acts as a binding agent, unifying the diverse components of our ecosystem. It enables fluid and secure transactions within and beyond our product offerings, providing users with a versatile digital asset that is instrumental in experiencing the full spectrum of web3 possibilities.